Meet Ashley


To me, there’s no tangible item more meaningful than a photograph. Photographs have the power to transport us to a different place in time. Photographs allow us to remember details that might otherwise be forgotten. Photographs freeze moments and preserve them forever. Photographs tell the stories of our lives…and there’s nothing more meaningful than that.ASP_MeetAshley-08

Your photo session is about you, your family, your lives, your story. Since I have the opportunity to get to know a bit about you, I thought I’d share a little about me.

I’m Ashley, the one behind the lens. I’m the wife of an amazing man and the mom of two incredible kiddos (and two furry kiddos). Pumpkin spice lattes near the top of my list of favorite things, followed by pretty much anything else that reminds me of fall. I’m slightly addicted to scarves. I’m a die hard fan of the color green. I couldn’t live without my girls’ nights or the girls with whom I share those nights. I’m pretty sure that the sixth food group should be guacamole…or ice cream. Thanks to my husband, Michigan is my favorite summertime vacation spot. I use semicolons and ellipsis marks more than I probably should. I love a glass of red wine when it’s cold outside and an ice cold Boulevard when the heat sets in. I’m a pen and paper ‘to do’ list girl. And I love photography.

Thank you for stopping by! I’m excited to get to know your family and capture the story of your lives!