O Christmas Tree

We finished decking our halls today when we decorated our Christmas tree for our day 10 ’25 Days of Christmas’ activity. To read more about our ’25 Days of Christmas’ project, check out this blog post from a couple years ago and this one from a few years back. It’s one of my absolute favorite things about the month of December. And now that we’ve done the project for so many years, it’s even more of a favorite thing, as I’ve finally learned how to make everything go really smoothly with the project and not have it be stressful (which – we can all agree, I’m sure – is key this time of year!!).

One of my favorite things that we do for the project is decorate our Christmas tree. Opening our boxes of ornaments just one time each year is so special. We have a tree full of memories, so almost every one of our ornaments has a special meaning behind it. Unwrapping each ornament one by one brings back a flood of happy memories… seeing the tree ornament our daughter made in preschool with popsicle sticks, running my hand across the clay imprints of the infant feet of both our babies, coming across the framed picture ornament of my beloved first kitty who we said goodbye to eight years ago. Each one has a unique story. Each one holds a special place in my heart. And with our Christmas tree as the canvas, I love watching our kids paint the most beautiful picture as they find the perfect places for each ornament to reside.

We had a bit of a photobombing incident this afternoon…

It’s Piper’s first Christmas at home with us since we adopted her this past February. And at the risk of completely jinxing things… she’s really been terrific with all the Christmas decor we have around our house. Speaking of Christmas decor… I shared a tour of our home at Christmas time last year if you’d like to see how we deck the rest of our halls.

As part of our ’25 Days’ project, I started a tradition of taking each one of our kids on individual outings to Hallmark to pick out an ornament every year. One of the very first ornaments he chose when I started this tradition with him was this house with Santa going down the chimney. He loved it the moment he saw it, and it’s still one of his favorites today.

As you prepare for the holidays in your home, I wish you a season of peace, happiness, and love. I hope the traditions and moments you share with your kids and families are magical and memorable in every way.

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